Cameron herrin in deadly 2018 Bayshore street racing crash is appealing 24-year sentence

Cameron Herrin, the 21-year-old who was convicted in April 2018 of the death of a mother and daughter after a street racing accident, is appealing his 24 year prison sentence, court documents show. 

Herrin was one of two drivers involved in the fatal crash on Bayshore Boulevard. The judge found him guilty of two counts of motor vehicle murder and sentenced him to nine years in a Florida state prison for the first count and 15 years for the second.

At the time, state attorney general Andrew Warren said the decision would lead to some closure for the family of 24-year-old Jessica Reisinger and her 21-month-old daughter Lilia, who was pushing them in a stroller when Herren hit them. Ford Mustang. 

The second man, John Barrino, pleaded guilty in December to two counts of motor vehicle murder and a racing misdemeanor in exchange for six years in state prison, followed by 15 years of probation.

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